Wednesday, November 14, 2007


After all my postulating about NaBloPoMo yesterday I fell off the wagon in style - I didn't post yesterday because I didn't come home until 2 am. Someone at the Ours' work was leaving to go travelling, so a group of us met at Dicey's Garden (formerly the tackiest, Oirishist pub in Dublin - apparently it hasn't been for some time which made me feel old!) and did the usual drinking, chatting and laughing.

The hangover wasn't too bad this morning though, cos the Ours and I were careful to follow these steps from the drinking-on-a-school-night bible:

  1. Eat beforehand. We went to Cafe Bliss for their early bird menu, two courses for 10 euro and what gorgeous courses they were too. I will definitely go back there again.
  2. Drink slowly. 'Nuff said.
  3. Drink several pints of water and take a painkiller before bed.

Sounds simple but it works! Shame about NaBloPoMo but at least I broke it for a deserving occasion. I'd do it again goddamn it!

I haven't been reading many blogs recently or commenting - I apologise but from my frantic scanning of your RSS feeds I can see a lot of you have the same problem as I'm having, namely blogging so much that you have no time to visit and read others. NaBloPoMo means that my daily unread posts have tripled! I'm still determined to post everyday but I do miss having the time to read your updates, but for now I've just set all new posts to read and I'm going to start again, tomorrow.


Alix said...

hehe I love that you didn't post after posting about the motivating power of NaBloPoMo but it was for a great reason, as you said. I'm impressed your okay after being out that late on a school night!
I know the volume of posts is incredible at the moment, I am a bit addicted though.
Good Luck with posting every day for the last half

Angie said...

I'm struggling with the volume of posts to read too, especially since I was off on vacation for four days! I only just caught up from that break. But like Alix, I'm enjoying having so much to read. *chants to self: must focus on writing, must focus on writing...*

Beccy said...

I always plan to drink plenty of water but when I'm out the vodka just tastes way better!

Beth said...

I never knew about Cafe Bliss. Now I can't wait to try it!!

Betty the Sheep said...

I like the guidelines for drinking on 'school night'!