Thursday, November 08, 2007

Cold turkey

I pine after it all day, my hangdog expression never leaving my pale twitching face. Every hour is filled with longing and despair. At my weaker moments I call the Ours and beg him to...log in and read my emails.

Yes. My new job blocks EVERYTHING (That's fun).

The first day when I typed in the web address and saw the error message, I tutted but thought I could handle it. Within a few hours I was a shuddering mess. Everything that I wanted to do to pass the time was forbidden - email, blogs, social networking, you tube - so I started showing the following symptoms very quickly:

  • Incessant text messaging
  • Talking non-stop to my long suffering co-worker
  • Asking the Ours to text me the more interesting emails
  • Thinking about buying a Blackberry
Before you think that I'm working in a law office the other side of 1990, yes I do have a work email address, but from previous experience I'll never use it for personal stuff. As the Ours says: "Treat each email as if it were a postcard".

The cure? Seems to be (shock horror) actually picking up the phone and calling people, which I personally hate. No problem with face to face discussion but phone calls leave me cold. As evidenced by the following conversation:

Daisy: Heeellu? *Her best phone voice*
Me: Hiya it's me.
Daisy: Holy crap what's wrong? Are you ok?
Me: I'm just calling to say hi.
Daisy: Phew. Everytime someone calls me now I assume the worst.


JJ said...

Oh dear. Yes I know this feeling very well. I get most ... uhm ... odd without my technology!

I'll have to join you in rehab.


laurie said...

i would find that *very* hard.

our internet was down the other day, and i actually went out at noon looking for a coffee shop that had a computer and wifi. (didn't find one.)

i feel your pain.

Alix said...

That is not good and yes phones are only used now for an emergence and cold calls!

Angie said...

Hahaha. I'm the same on the phone, btw. Good luck with the rehab.


Jen said...

I get a bit twitchy/cranky if I can't check my email/favourite websites whenever I like, so I'm with you on that one!

Verging Writer said...

Personally, my world comes to a whiny, crashing halt when I can't get a wireless signal - I feel oh so unconnected . . . what does this all say about us?!