Friday, November 09, 2007


Finally the weekend has arrived! I don't know why some Fridays feel more 'Crunchie' than others, but this one certainly does. I am beaming with happiness and contentment.

Tonight the Ours is cooking his delicious risotto recipe (which I should post on here as I've nicked enough recipes from other blogs) and we're going to have a few Coronas in front of the telebox.

NTL is hopefully coming tomorrow to install our fancy new DVR, and then in the evening we're meeting Daisy and hopefully The Doctor for drinks in Grand Central, a pub on O'Connell Street.

Have a great Friday evening wherever you are!


Alix said...

There's nothing like a Friday with the lovely weekend stretching out before you. Sounds like you have fun plans
ohh post the Risotto recipe I love it but eat it only rarely - all that stirring!

Macoosh said...

ah, grand central. makes me long for dublin just thinking about that place. i'm also sad we never met up there; especially when we were both there the same night!

hellojed said...

Alix, the Ours apparently just makes it up as he goes along - but I'll write it all down when he makes it again!

Macoosh, I'll have a drink on you tonight - it is a shame that we never met up there, but I'm glad you have such good memories of the place!

econgirl said...

Grand Central is the best pub on the Northside City Centre - good choice!

hellojed said...

I wholeheartedly agree Econgirl, so I'll have a drink on you too!