Saturday, November 10, 2007


Our NTL DVR actually arrived, it's a miracle! I must say that I'm already hooked. Not only can I schedule the recording of programmes directly from the onscreen TV guide, I can also pause live tv. It's just too nifty. In fact, I'm already circling through the guide to spot anything that I might possibly miss over the next week...I should really leave the house and get some fresh air, but it's just too addictive.

I've also figured out how to access my email account from my mobile phone. I know, WAP has been around for ages but it just never really caught on with me. (Until now of course!) Vodafone charges a flat rate of 99 cents a day to use WAP (no fee on the days that you don't use it) so it's not that expensive. And, more importantly, the shaking and nail biting will now stop.


Alix said...

Glad you DVR arrived they are so much fun, I love fast forwarding through the adverts.
Glad you've found a way to stay connected to the virtual world!

hellojed said...

Alix would you believe it that forwarding the ads wouldn't have even occured to me? That's how idiotic I am, and that's why I need intelligent bloggers like you in my life.