Thursday, January 31, 2008


Last day of work tomorrow - couldn't come soon enough actually as I'm feeling sick again! The weather is atrocious here, very cold with insane wind speeds - I witnessed my first horizontal snow fall earlier - and I'm struggling to walk back and forth to work every day. But I've been taking good care of myself, going to bed early and eating properly, so I just need to be patient...

On the flip side, I was taken out for lunch today by the solicitors I work for and tomorrow I'm going to the local Italian with the secretaries. I should leave work more often methinks! The company has asked me to give them a call when I'm back on the market again which is great. We'll see how long my savings last, I'm hoping at least three months.

And I'm hoping the filthy weather will improve by then...but perhaps I'm living in the wrong city for that?


jen said...

Hurray for the last day of work! And double hurray for nice employers who take you out for dinner!

Also, congratulations on your Irish Blog Award nomination :-)

jen said...

Ooops, that should read nominationS!

Alix said...

gosh glad I'm in Washington. It's cold but sunny!
Enjoy the last day of work