Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed a slight change to my blog - the 'profile' box has been replaced by 'contributors'. That's because this blog will have its very first guest blogger while I'm away!

I met Michelle, also known as Brisbane's Answer to Nigella Lawson, through The Ours. They work together at a well-known software development company which I will call Compu-Global Hyper Meganet (or CGHM for short), placing them pretty high up the nerdy-nerdster food chain.

But if you think Michelle is all about 'the tech' then you would be mistaken, as she also has a well-developed creative side too. She:

Has a degree in film-making;
Crotchets face warmers (her invention to combat the icy Irish wind);
Cooks like a champ;
Bakes (she made several Christmas cakes from scratch last year); and
Reads intellectual books I haven't heard of let alone would tackle.

In comparison, my forays into all of the above have resulted in spectacular failures. (Except for the degree, I stuck to English Literature as I can hardly sit through a film let alone make one.) It's enough to make me want to heave all over my keyboard. If the above wasn't enough, Michelle is also a netballing wizard, which is another thing we don't have in common as I despair of team sports.

Luckily we both share a love of eating, drinking and having a laugh. Thank God for that, eh?

This will be Michelle's first stab at blogging, and my first step into sucking everyone I know into the blogsphere. (At the very least it'll hike up that technorati rating, not that I'm competitive or anything...)


Beccy said...

Well I'm looking forward to reading Michelle in your absence.

HelenMH said...

Brilliant! Welcome to Michelle - Guest Blogger! And you have a great time while you're away!

Holler said...

Have a good time! And welcolme on board Michelle1
Take some pain killers before you go for that wax!

Yvonne said...

Beccy, I'm looking forward to reading them when I get back...

Helen, thank you! I will do my best! ;)

Holler, you are so sweet! I took two Nurofen Plus before the wax, I think it did the job - was much less painful than the last time. Great tip!

Debs said...

Have a great time and welcome to Michelle.

michelle said...

Hello Everyone! thanks for the lovely welcome. I look forward to trying out this blogging. I really am an absolute beginner fairly ingrained nerdy traits.

What's technocrati?:-)

Yvonne said...

Debs, thanks!

Michelle, you are part of the technoCRATI so you should know what that means, but technoRATI is a website that ranks your blog depending on how many sites have linked to you. www.technorati.com
It's all very facinating! ;-)