Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Little bird eats... (which has now been shortlisted for the Irish Blog Awards, have a look at her blog it is delicious) tagged me recently. The rules are listed in Jen's post.

Five random/weird facts about me:

  1. When I was thirteen years old I predicted that I'd have five kids by now and own a flying car.
  2. I'm addicted to diet coke but have cut it down to one can a day.
  3. The bear is my favourite animal. When I visted Yosemite I wanted to spot one but was terrified of having my cabin ripped apart.
  4. I stopped growing when I was fourteen. (I'm five foot nothing)
  5. I'd watch every foodie programme on tv but hate cooking.
Five places on my 'want to see/want to see again' list:
  1. Tokyo, Japan. The Ours and I love visiting cities and Tokyo is next on our list.
  2. Australia. I lived in Sydney for five months and travelled around Oz for seven. It is a beautiful country.
  3. Barcelona, Spain. I am sick of everyone harping on about it and not knowing what they're talking about! Oh yeah and to see the architecture of course.
  4. South America. The Ours and I are planning a three to six month trip there in hopefully two years' time. Before our backs seize up for good and we can't hack the nasty buses.
  5. Small Town USA. I'd love to rent/buy a car in New York and drive it through the US someday.
And...you are all now it! Honestly I have no idea who has done this meme already so please adopt it if you're interested, I would love to read your take on it.


Alix said...

Ah Barcelona it's great ;)
Cool meme. I'd love to return to Australia

Yvonne said...

Alix consider yourself tagged if you fancy it!

Anonymous said...

The big US road trip is on our list too - once I learn to drive that is! I'd put Madagascar, the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, Canada and Tuscany on my list. Guess which is the only one I've visited :)

Yvonne said...

Hi Catherine, welcome! Great choice of places, haven't been to any of them...

jen said...

My cousin has edited/written a fantastic alternative guide to Barca if you're going: http://lecool.com/book/index.html

If I see it in the shops, I shift it towards the front of the display ;-)

I was in Tokyo very briefly once (only a few hours) but would love to go back and see it properly. One day...

And I'm maybe 5 foot, 2 inches if I stop slouching!

Yvonne said...

Jen, I love travel guides, will check out your cousin's.

Glad to hear of another short arse!

Anonymous said...

the cooking programmes Vs actually making food sounds all too familiar heheh

Yvonne said...

Conortje I subscribe to lots of food blogs too, I love the pictures and the descriptions but ignore the recipes!

HelenMH said...

I love Sydney as well. I once spent three days there, and decided that if I lived there - the main problem would be that I'd have to spend all day every day sitting at the harbour in the coffee shop with my feet up on the railings. And never ever get any work done. Not ever!