Saturday, September 27, 2008

Divine Intervention

A good week on the writing front, 4000 words rewritten in four days.

Yesterday I braved the big bad world to get a crochet hook and some yarn, as I've been invited to a Stitch and Bitch session at Michelle's house. Michelle is a talented and prolific crocheter (is that a word?) and she has promised to give any newbies a few lessons. I've been keen to get a crafty hobby for a while now and when I found out I could actually crochet and watch tv at the same time I was won over.

So I wandered into Hickey's on Henry Street, where the staff and half the ladies shopping there joined forces to give a crochet virgin the low-down on yarn types and crochet hook sizes. I emerged with enough for a scarf (very challenging I know) and decided to do a spot of window shopping. After all I couldn't afford to do the real thing...

How was I to know that the gods of shopping would laugh in the face of my naive plans and go all out? A shop window must have hypnotised me as I found myself in the changing room with a top and a skirt, both just happening to fit my short-arse frame perfectly. A mere mortal cannot fight divine intervention such as this. Instead one must roll over and go with the flow, and that's exactly what I did. Two hours later I was home, €100 lighter but very pleased with myself.

Unfortunately I received no help with my hangover this morning after a night of drinking with Daisy and her lovely boyfriend. But after a cup of tea and some scrambled eggs I'm feeling more human.


Annie Bright said...

4000 words rewritten in four days is fab, Yvonne. Well done you!

I learnt to crochet as a child and loved it. Forgotten how now though - perhaps I should give it a go!

Glad the tea and scramble eggs are doing the trick. :-)

JJ said...

4000 words in four days, Yvonne, in the normal run of things is fantastic. I have to desert myself to a remote island to do that! You are clever.

I've tried to learn to crochet five or six time. I am beyond stupid and still can't do it.

Pat Posner said...

I'm jealous of your word count, Yvonne *sigh*

Hope you've somewhere nice to go this weekend so you can wear your new top and skirt!

I can crochet a single chain and that's my limit.

Marian said...

Hi there, I can't wait to see your progress on the crochet front. it's addictive. Enjoy.

Yvonne said...

Annie, cheers! I did crochet when I was younger too but I can't remember it at all.

JJ, it's definitely a better week than most, and I have near zero distractions (no job, no kids) like you have now!

Pat, thank you, I'm going out to a restaurant tonight and I might wear them then.

Marian cheers, I hope I do stick with it now, I'd love to make my own things.

Debs said...

Impressive word count, well done.

I'd love to crochet and tried once when I was younger, but with little success.

Hope the hangover has gone completely now.

HelenMH said...

You are so right about divine intervention. It happens to me every time I step into a bookshop.

Tam said...

Some might say that the scrambled eggs were divine intervention.

You've just reminded me that I promised myself a gorgeous dress I saw in the window of Monsoon when we in Edinburgh. I might buy it for the BGT audition :-)

KAREN said...

My gran taught me to crochet and knit when I was nine - both are most relaxing although I havent' done any for ages. Love the name Stitch and Bitch! Maybe one day you can crochet yourself a skirt and top. No?

Yvonne said...

Debs, I'm hoping that I can master it before I get too frustrated to stick with it.

Helen, me too! ;)

Tam, I spotted a gorgeous dress in the Monsoon window too. Wonder if it's the same one?

Karen, I'd be happy just crocheting a decent scarf at this point with my track record!

Michelle said...

Congrats on making your first yarn purchase. May it be the beginning of many beautiful handmade things!

Yvonne said...

Thanks Michelle I certainly hope so!