Thursday, October 02, 2008

Good News

I've been having a great week so far. Yesterday I landed a temp job; it sounds like an interesting one too and walking distance from my flat. I'm hoping to find out the start date today.

Then I went to my first Stitch n' Bitch, Michelle showing great patience and restraint while I fumbled through my first pass at crochet. As evidence to her great teaching skills I was immediately "hooked" (groan!) and had to have the beginnings of my project wrestled from me way past midnight. As soon as I awoke this morning my fingers were a blur of hook and yarn,
like I would freeze to death if I went another day without my scarf. (To my defence there is a definite chill in the air - winter is nearly upon us.)

I begrudgingly put down my hook to start the rewrite and was pleasantly surprised to finish my eighth story. It's a little shorter than I'd have liked but the story wants what it wants. I'm quite proud of it actually, its premise was more challenging than others but I think it works. I'm a little sad to be letting go of the character...

Anyway back to it, the scarf won't crochet itself!


Debs said...

I have to say I'd be the same if I started something like crocheting/knitting and would need it wrestled away from me too.

Congratulations on the work front and also on finishing your eighth story.

JJ said...

Brilliant news on story eight. And on learning to crochet...I'm full of admiration since I was so rubbish on the twelve occasions I've tried to learn!

Well done you.

Anonymous said...

Well done on finishing story 8! I am super impressed with the crocheting I can barely sew a button on!

Annie Bright said...

Congratulations on the job - sounds ideal! I hope you are going to take a photo of your scarf for us all to see. :-)

Angie said...

Congratulations on the job and on finishing the eighth story!
I started learning to knit a few years ago and I'm curious how different it is from crocheting. Granted, I'm still working on scarves. :)

HelenMH said...

I love the sound of Stitch and Bitch!

Pat Posner said...

Well done on the job! And the crochet. And story # 8.

Yvonne said...

Debs it's so addictive.

JJ, I have an amazing teacher honest. She's so patient.

M&T I can't sew a button on either, I'm shocked!

Annie I actually finished the scarf tonight, will take a pic soon!

Angie, I'd quite like to get into knitting again, I haven't done it since I was at school.

Helen, every time we dropped a stitch, we bitched!

Pat, thank you so much!

Lane said...

Great that the job sounds interesting and local. What could be better!

Well done on the crochet front. What's next after a scarf??

And well done too on the eighth:-)

Tam said...

Fab news! Well done on all fronts!

wordtryst said...

Is there some kind of resurgence in the ladylike arts? I've seen several blogs recently where the owners were showing off their knitting and crochet.

That job sounds like the perfect thing for a writer. I know - I've got one like it!