Thursday, April 26, 2007

Painfully guilty pleasures

The other day when I was struggling through writer's block and came out the other end thoroughly fed up, I put on Point Break to cheer myself up. I have no idea why I love this awful film. Ok, I have two.

When I was seventeen my class was putting on a school play. One of my classmates dropped out and I was drafted in last minute. The part was mercifully small; I was to play a slightly jaded and passive aggressive maid. Unfortunately my interpretation of the part had me deliver my lines AT THE TOP OF MY VOICE while frantically stomping across the stage at random moments. I ad-libbed some profanities too, just to get through to the audience that this woman was slightly irritated by the proceedings.

I tell you this story to prove two things:
1. I don't do subtlety
2. I can't act

My shortlived acting career has led me to appreciate actors and their craft, and to avoid dismissing an actor's performance as substandard. I can't talk after all, being dire myself. But I can say this with all certainty after watching Point Break - I am a better actor than Keanu Reeves. I have never seen a performance more wooden and less inspired. His awkward and stilted delivery and body language reminded me of a zombie extra in Shaun of the Dead. But let's face it, Keanu is better looking than me, the zombie extra and probably 99.9% of the world's population, and Patrick Swayze isn't exactly Kenneth Branagh either.

As a feminist it makes me feel a little strange about liking a film just because the two lead actors are drop dead stunning and have the bodies of greek gods, and as a person with supposed taste I feel a little embarrassed by watching it in the first place, but denial is a wonderful thing. For example, did you know the director is a woman?...


Beccy said...

I'd forgive Keanu if he spent a night with me, (I was a big fan in my younger days but have never seen Point Break).

My acting would be worse than his as well!

Macoosh said...

i agree that keanu can't act his way out of a paper bag, but can't agree that he's attractive. i guess for me his lack of talent masks the pretty face.

meanwhile, i'm with ya on the swayze...yum.

hellojed said...

I'm not a huge fan of Keanu usually, but there's just something about that film...maybe it's all the water in it or something. ;)

Angie said...

Mmm, Patrick Swayze is yummy. I can only imagine how horrid my acting would be. Feminists are allowed to objectify cute boys when they're flailing about in lots of water! ;)

Paperback Writer said...

I had to let you know that I think your name hellojed is a wonderful name.

Just saying.

hellojed said...

Angie, thank you. I needed to hear that.

Paperback Writer, the name is taken from one of my favourite books - Microserfs by Douglas Coupland. It's one of the character's passwords, really poignant.

lauranen said...

Ah Keanu! God bless him, I do agree that his talent lies elsewhere than in acting.

Betty the Sheep said...

There is something about the awful acting in Point Break that makes it very watchable. I have a soft spot for Keanu, I even went to see The Lakehouse in the cinema last year!