Friday, April 27, 2007

Yesterday in Wagamama

The Ours: "Sweeney Todd is on at the Gate theatre."

Me: "Sweeney Todd? You mean the shoot-em-up?" *Points index fingers in the air and makes shooting noises*

The Ours: "What? No, the barber." *Draws finger across throat and makes gurgling noises*

Me: "No, no. The cop thing. The guys in the car with the 70's gear. Like Life on Mars."

The Ours: *looks confused*

Me, after a pause: "Err...I was actually thinking about The Sweeney."

The Ours: *Looks around nervously to see if anyone has overheard*


seanachie said...

If it's any consolation, the two terms are connected. The Sweeney is Cockney-rhyming slang for 'Flying Squad' via 'Sweeney Todd', the very man immortalised in said musical. Don't worry about being overheard, the patrons of Wagamama are no less culturally ignorant than most others in Dublin. An easy mistake to make, really. :)

hellojed said...

Thanks seanachie! I've actually never seen the Sweeney, but it's such a cult programme in the UK that I'd heard of it and seen stills. It says a lot about me that I'd know more about a tv programme than the man himself...

The Swissjob said...

Wagamamas in Dublin was one of my favourite places for lunch. Now I've moved to Switzerland and there's no Wagamamas. I'm considering a letter to their management to get it sorted! Why are the resturaunts always in a basement?

hellojed said...

I love Wagamamas too the Swissjob - tasty food galore.

Anonymous said...

LOL - I know others who have made the Sweeney Tood/The Sweeney mistake. And I love Wagamama too, but somehow lately I get to New Millenium Chinese and don't make it any further down the street!