Monday, October 22, 2007


My contract has been extended by another two weeks for the time being. HR asked me if I wanted to apply for a permanent job (I think they are pretty sick of temps by now, judging by the problems that have gone before) but I told them it didn't suit my circumstances (as a burgeoning writer and all that) however I could stay on until December or January. It doesn't sound like they'll keep extending my contract by more than two weeks at a time, probably because I'm replacing someone on the long-term sick who might come back at any time.

This is all good. I'm feeling quite Buddhist about the whole situation - if I stay on until December or longer, great; if not it means I can start editing sooner, which is also great. Whatever happens I'll have a least one months' wages in the bank so I won't starve.

Realised yesterday that the next weekend is a long one, W00t!


Alix said...

Great that your contract has been renewed and always nice to be offered a permanent job. Glad your all zen and feeling happy with your decision.
How come you get a long weekend?

hellojed said...

Alix, "zen" would have been the better description, I'll blame it on 9-to-5 brain rot! We get a long weekend because of Halloween, we always get the closest Monday off.

Angie said...

You get a holiday for Halloween? Too many sweets, so you need a break, eh? ;) Enjoy your holiday and your extended pay check!

JJ said...

Coo, didn't know about the Halloween holiday. Don't get that in England, do we? Or has my brain turned to sludge?

Excellent news on the job, though. Congrats.

hellojed said...

Angie, can't wait for the sweets, am still such a kid.

JJ, you are right the UK doesn't have a bank holiday in October - I think we have it because Halloween is originally an Irish holiday. Thank you Ancient Celts and your ghost stories!

Holler said...

What a great thing to be asked to stay on, you must be valued!
Huh, lucky you getting a holiday!

Alix said...

oh learnt something new - I didn't know Halloween originated in Ireland. Enjoy your holiday