Sunday, November 04, 2007


We woke up Saturday morning thinking that we were going to have our new bed, beside lockers and table from Habitat delivered and our new DVR installed by NTL.

But this morning we only have our new table, which we discovered was broken when we opened the box. The bed and lockers had gone missing and NTL never bothered turning up.

My day got better at lunchtime, when I met up with friends from college that I hadn't seen in a year and ended up rolling in at midnight. It's amazing how much I laugh when I'm with these girls. We're now thinking about going to London in January to visit the fourth member who couldn't make it. It'll be something to look forward to while I begin the inevitable battle with Habitat and NTL over the next few weeks.


Jen said...

You've got my full sympathies :-) We're waiting on some dining chairs turning up. We've been promised that they'll definitely, absolutely, positively be delivered next week, no further delays are possible or expected. I'm not holding my breath...

Sounds like a drink with the girls was the perfect remedy though ;-)

And check out Grandad over at - he has a lovely rant today about furniture companies. Hilarious.

Alix said...

Sounds like the evening was good fun if not the morning! Such a pain when things don't turn up and you've waited in!

Beccy said...

At least the evening made up for the morning!