Monday, May 05, 2008


Neither of us were won over by The Deep Blue Sea in the Gate Theatre Saturday night. The performance was entertaining but I didn't believe the main characters' feelings towards each other. I found it emotional rather than emotive and in the end I didn't really care if Hester lived or died, which was a shame. But John Kavanagh as Dr Miller was brilliant as usual.

(An aside - ever notice that theatre audiences laugh at absolutely anything? It isn't a particularly humourous play (apart from Dr Miller's lines) but the audience roared laughing at every delivery that on screen or paper would only rouse a smile. Or am I just being a moany sod?)

Yesterday we met Paddington for lunch at L'Gueuleton, which was gorgeous, and then onto the roof garden in Fitzsimons as the sun was splitting the trees. Later we ended up in The George for their Sunday drag act and bingo.

We're both feeling a tad rough today - but it was worth it!


HelenMH said...

Sounds like you're having a fabby weekend!

Angie said...

Bummer about the play, but I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend, despite coming out of it a bit rough. Hope you have some reserves left for Cinco de Mayo! (Hmm, do you celebrate that in Ireland? I'm sure you'd enjoy it. :)

Holler said...

They probably had a drink before they went in! That can be very annoying!

Yvonne said...

Helen, it was great.

Angie, I only heard of Cinco de Mayo last year! We should celebrate it, great excuse for another party. ;)

Holler, that could very well be it - The Ours reckons that the audience is full of people who don't get out much, so they get drunk/giddy about the whole experience!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend but a shame about the play. Hope the weather stayed nice for bank holiday Monday!

Lane said...

People laugh like drains in the cinema too. Don't know why. Is it a nervous thing do you think:-)

Glad you had a good weekend and hope hangover is not too bad!

KAREN said...

Sounds a bit American, that laughing at anything bit. I've noticed it before. I thought maybe it was just be being a miserable cow.
Hope the hangover's gone now :o)

Yvonne said...

M&T the weather has been great!

Lane, maybe it is a nervous thing. The weekend was great!

Karen, the hangover's just about gone...and if you're a miserable cow I am too!

Debs said...

Maybe they're just thrilled to be out and about, or maybe they are just a little pickled.

Shame the play wasn't so good but at least the rest of your weekend sounds fab.

Yvonne said...

Debs, that must be it! And I did have a great weekend.