Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blog Burn-Out

Feeling a bit of blog burn-out at the moment. Mostly I can't think of anything original or informative to say and when I do think of something I can't get motivated to write it down. The same thing happened around the same time last year, not sure why. I just feel like I'm repeating myself and not addressing things that wannabe writers might find useful.

Otherwise things are going well. I'm still working away at the novel and I'm hoping to finish the eighth story in two weeks. My recruitment agency has advised me that the long-term contracts won't be coming up until next month, so until then I'm happy to keep writing.

And I have another busy weekend ahead, going to Daisy's on Friday for drinks and going out with my dad for dinner on Saturday.


Lane said...

I'm sure this burn out/lack of motivation thing is something to do with going into Autumn. I feel the same and have strong hibernating urges. I'm hoping it will pass.

Hope a job comes up for you soon but in the meantime - go write:-)

Annie Bright said...

I hope the burn out passes. I'm sure it will.

You are doing so well with your novel, which is fab. :-)

Hope you have another fun weekend! :-)

JJ said...

I think that feeling is normal. What about telling us about Barcelona? And posting some pictures? Please?

Yvonne said...

Lane, you're definitely onto something there, I just feel so listless...thanks!

Annie, I'm sure it will too, thanks.

JJ, cheers, I will definitely do so when I'm feeling more up to it!

Holler said...

I think it is the change of season that is doing it and the fact that we haven't had a summer yet. It is enough to give anyone the blues! I will hit by it at the beginning of the month and haven't quite let it go yet :(

Pat Posner said...

I love Autumn but I've got lack of motivation, too!
Let's all catch a falling leaf and wish to get re-motivated. Pronto!

As for 'not addressing things that wannabe writers might find useful.'
Just reading your blog and seeing what a fellow writer is up to is useful because it's nice.

Debs said...

I'm sure it's the change of seasons. Everyone at work has been yawning this week and feeling rather miserable and the clocks haven't even changed yet, crumbs.

Hope you feel better soon and well done with the writing.

Tam said...

I've got this lurgy as well and am trying not to be bothered by my lack of motivation and output. Hope it is a seasonal thing :-)

Angie said...

I'm going through waves of burnout too. But it's always inspiring to read the posts about your progress, and I love your entertaining tales of life in Dublin.
Good luck with the job search. I'm glad you still have time to push through those edits though.
Rest up and treat yourself well, and we'll be here when you feel like saying hi.

Yvonne said...

Holler, we'd better get a summer next year otherwise I want my money back!

Pat, thank you. I'm hoping the motivation will hit very soon.

Debs, it's like xmas is already around the corner! Arggh!

Tam, I'm sure it is, we'll get used to it soon I reckon.

Angie, thank you. I think I'm just a bit stressed out at the moment with the job search...but on the other hand I'm in no rush to start work. Strange huh?

HelenMH said...

I love reading your blog whatever you post about x

Jannie "Funster" said...

It's all just part of a writer's life. We all go through it. Even the greats. What makes us great is we keep going . Hey - I thought of that all by myself.


SpiralSkies said...

Seems unfair that there's so much burn-out about when we haven't so much as had a ray of sun to warm us up.

At least it's just the blog and not the writing that's on a go-slow.

Be kind to yourself X

KAREN said...

I reckon it's the lack of sunshine - especially having just come back from Barcelona :o) I think we all go through those stages though. I bored myself silly writing a post yesterday that I ended up scrapping!